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HNR Delivers Increased Value Through Consumption and Sustainability Advisories
January 23, 2024

HNR Delivers Increased Value Through Consumption and Sustainability Advisories

Key Enhancements to AI-powered Analytics Platform HNR to ZERO Provide Company-Wide Analyses and Optimisation.

York, UK, 23rd January 2024 – HNR, a market-leading software solutions provider that helps businesses reduce carbon emissions and costs from their technology footprint, today announced major improvements to its analytics platform, HNR to ZERO. The award-winning solution, which enables data-heavy companies to optimise their technology operations to run a more sustainable and efficient business, now includes enhancements that further optimise the performance of their digital infrastructure.

With carbon accounting regulations becoming increasingly important for all types of organisations, HNR to ZERO is a first–in-market solution that empowers companies of all sizes to automate measurement, comply with sustainability reporting requirements and avoid heavy financial losses or legal penalties.

“Today more than ever, every business must consider the environmental impact of their digital operations, while increasing productivity and reducing costs.” states Kristan Bullett, CEO at HNR. “HNR to ZERO is a unique, best-in-class solution that captures and automatically analyses digital infrastructure usage at a highly granular level. It leverages machine learning to identify optimisations and savings on energy consumption, carbon footprint, cost and time. Based on our research, our target is to help our customers attain a 20% reduction in carbon emissions and a 30% reduction in costs over a 12-month period which we believe it’s highly achievable”.

The HNR to ZERO platform includes a range of FinOps and GreenOps baseline features such as capturing of activities across multiple sources and formats and tracking of metrics against targets and budgets. Recent enhancements bring additional value to HNR’s customers through advisories designed to optimise operations, remove duplicate efforts and automate workflow configuration for improved efficiency. These include:

  • Heuristics-based Trend Analysis, to clearly articulate progress towards net-zero goals.
  • Machine Learnt Anomaly Detections that help you understand how your usage changes over time and raises concerns as patterns change.
  • What-if and Comparison Scenarios, allowing clarity of understanding based on the ever-changing media landscape.

Cost Reductions, Optimised Operations and Increased Sustainability

HNR to ZERO delivers best-of-breed tools and measurable value to multiple areas within an organisation:

  • Accurate, Streamlined Reporting for Finance Teams: HNR to ZERO eliminates time-consuming and inefficient spreadsheets from carbon emissions and power consumption cost tracking. It provides simple-to-use tools and granular data that are easily integrated into your backend systems, so that your business can set up realistic, data-driven cost reduction targets.
  • Optimised Technology for Engineering Teams: HNR to ZERO provides you with the visibility you need to make data-driven infrastructure decisions. Information can be aggregated based on specific criteria such as carbon emissions, cost or performance, so that you can optimise your company's technology operations.
  • Set Achievable Sustainability Targets: HNR to ZERO supports your organisation’s carbon emissions disclosures and drive your reduction strategy. Analytics are ordered by Scope and can be exported in your preferred reporting format (CDP, GRI etc.). The platform’s advisories provide you with the tools to set realistic, achievable, verifiable reduction targets.

HNR are pioneers in delivering sustainability-focused solutions, with their clients including several broadcast organisations as well as innovative technology provider Accedo, and forward-thinking trade organisation Greening of Streaming.

“HNR to ZERO is a key element of all of Greening of Streaming’s initiatives. It aggregates and stores all the data collected by our working groups, providing a single source of truth for our members to make informed decisions.” - stated Dom Robinson, founder of Greening of Streaming. “We could have collected similar data directly from the public cloud provider, but we wanted an added level of analysis and independent reporting, which HNR delivers. All technology providers should leverage HNR to ZERO to bring extra value to their customers”.
HNR to ZERO enables companies to see their overall environmental impact and financial costs at a granular level with detailed trend analysis.

See It in Action

To find out more about how the HNR can empower your organisation to optimise your technology operations and run a more sustainable business, book a demo now.

About HNR

HNR is a trailblazing software provider that helps businesses reduce carbon emissions and costs from their technology footprint. Its flagship offering, HNR to ZERO, is an analytics platform that helps data-heavy companies optimise their technology operations to run a more sustainable and efficient business. The platform provides operational and financial observability across an organisation's digital infrastructure to measure and better understand its bottom line in terms of power usage, cost and time. With HNR to ZERO, organisations of all types and sizes gain actionable insights and forecasting data, helping them comply with sustainability reporting mandates and ESG governance. Learn more at

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