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HNR and ClimateEQ Announce Strategic Partnership to Drive Sustainability in Technology Operations
May 30, 2024

HNR and ClimateEQ Announce Strategic Partnership to Drive Sustainability in Technology Operations

Industry Leaders Partner to Provide Combined Best-of-Breed Consultancy Services and Technology Solutions

York, UK, 30th May 2024 – HNR, a market-leading software provider specialising in reducing carbon emissions and costs from businesses' technology footprints, has announced a strategic partnership with ClimateEQ, a globally recognised provider of sustainability-focused training and consultancy. The alliance aims to deliver both comprehensive services and technology solutions for businesses navigating the complexities of sustainability within their infrastructure and digital operations.

HNR to ZERO is HNR’s first-of-its-kind analytics platform designed to help data-heavy companies optimise their technology operations to run a more sustainable and efficient business. ClimateEQ, renowned for its world-class sustainability training and consulting services, especially for high-emission sectors like Digital, Transport, and Energy, naturally complements HNR’s offerings, providing businesses with a holistic approach to achieving their environmental goals.

Sustainability is at the core of our mission at HNR, and this partnership with ClimateEQ marks a significant milestone in our journey towards helping businesses meet their sustainability objectives,” said Kristan Bullett, CEO of HNR. “By combining our advanced analytics platform, HNR to ZERO, with ClimateEQ’s expert consultancy and education services, we are uniquely positioned to offer our clients unparalleled insights and effective strategies to reduce their technology carbon footprint while driving operational efficiency.

Through this partnership, data-heavy companies that are uncertain about where to begin their sustainability, compliance, and reporting journey, can now benefit from a single point of contact for accessing both the necessary expertise and technology solutions.

Our goal at ClimateEQ is to empower businesses with the knowledge and tools they need to make meaningful progress in their sustainability efforts,” stated Anthony Daly, Director at ClimateEQ. “Partnering with HNR allows us to extend our reach and impact, providing tailored solutions that address both the technological and organisational aspects of sustainability. Together, we are creating a pathway for businesses to achieve measurable and impactful carbon reductions in their digital supply chains and workflow.

Partnership Benefits

The strategic alliance between HNR and ClimateEQ marks a pivotal shift in sustainability practices. Joining forces, the partners bring to market a host of benefits previously unavailable when working with individual providers.  

  • Integrated Expertise: Combining HNR’s technology optimisation software solutions with ClimateEQ’s sustainability training and consultancy ensures clients receive comprehensive support across all aspects of their sustainability journey.
  • Enhanced Services: HNR’s clients gain access to ClimateEQ’s comprehensive suite of services, including Carbon Literacy, specialised Net Zero Training programs, and tailored consulting services, including sector specific workshops, aimed at fostering a culture of sustainable innovation within their organisations.
  • Strategic Impact: This partnership addresses the growing need for businesses to balance sustainability with operational efficiency, providing solutions that not only reduce environmental impact but also drive cost savings and compliance with global regulations.

Industry Implications

The collaboration between HNR and ClimateEQ comes at a pivotal moment when businesses are increasingly recognising the urgency of integrating sustainable practices into their operations. As companies strive to meet environmental, social, and governance (ESG) mandates, the combined expertise of HNR and ClimateEQ will provide the much-needed guidance and tools to navigate these challenges effectively.

Kristan Bullett added, “We are committed to leading the charge in sustainable technology practices and believe that our partnership with ClimateEQ will set a new standard in the industry. By working together, we can help businesses of all sizes implement strategies that lead to long-term sustainability and operational excellence.

Anthony Daly further emphasised, “This partnership is about more than just meeting regulatory requirements; it’s about fostering a culture of sustainability that permeates every level of an organisation. Our comprehensive approach ensures that businesses not only meet their current sustainability goals but are also equipped to adapt to future environmental challenges.

Companies interested in exploring the transformative services and cutting-edge technology offered through the HNR and ClimateEQ partnership can contact HNR at  

About HNR

HNR is a trailblazing software provider that helps businesses reduce carbon emissions and costs from their technology footprint. Its flagship offering, HNR to ZERO, is an analytics platform that helps data-heavy companies optimise their technology operations to run a more sustainable and efficient business. The platform provides operational and financial observability across an organisation's digital infrastructure to measure and better understand its bottom line in terms of power usage, cost and time. With HNR to ZERO, organisations of all types and sizes gain actionable insights and forecasting data, helping them comply with sustainability reporting mandates and ESG governance. Learn more at  

About ClimateEQ

ClimateEQ is a leading consultancy specialising in sustainability training and consultancy services to companies with high emissions in Digital, Energy and Transport with a specific a focus on insetting, providing comprehensive sustainability consultancy, ClimateEQ helps organisations achieve tangible carbon reductions and integrate sustainable practices across their entire supply chain and operations. Learn more at  

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